The #6WeekTransform program is designed for people who want to have change in their lives.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, this program is sure to help you to create positive change in your life and overcome challenges.

Through the #6WeekTransform program you will work through and overcome challenges and stress experienced in the following areas:

  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Grief and loss
  • Self-esteem/self power

The program is aimed at creating change in your whole life. This is done with the understanding that stresses or challenges experienced in one part of your life, for example health, are likely to impact one or more other parts of your life, such as relationships, self-esteem. The focus of the program is whole life balance and happiness. Creating one change, large or small, in each of these areas through the #6WeekTransform program will firstly allow you to create change in each of those areas, but also provide you with techniques that you can use again and again to create more change in any of these areas.

6 Week Transform

What do you get?

Positive change. The program is designed to give you immediate change!

The program is delivered over 6 weeks through an online learning format. Each week you’ll get access to a new transform video.

It’s structured this way to allow you a short fixed amount of time to take action. The videos, presented by myself, deliver valuable change content, giving you techniques or tools that you will implement through the program with me or after you’ve watched the videos.

Access to the #6WeekTransform program ‘Transformers’ group. Here you can share your successes and challenges and find a supportive group of humans that will hold you accountable to your change goals. What’s more is that I’m here too! I’ll support you through any hurdles and give you virtual hugs for your achievements!

And there’s more…once you’ve become a Transformer (yes that’s what you’ll all be called!), you’ll stay a Transformer for life! You can continue to support, interact and build lasting relationships with other wonderful humans.

What don’t you get?

This is not a quick fix.

Okay a little bit of it might be, some of the change can be instant. But that said action must taken afterwards to support the new change or the path to the change.

You will not have me nagging you or sending you constant reminders about what you have to do. If you are choosing to do this program, you are taking responsibility for the fact you want change in your life. In the same respect, you will need to take responsibility to carry out this change by taking action. If you choose not to take action, you choose not to change.

SIDE NOTE: Sometimes when you are struggling with the actions, there may be some underlying beliefs that are creating a ‘block’. Please get in touch with me directly if you feel that you have experienced this already with goals in the past as this program may not be right for you and a private session with me may be better suited to identify and clear these blocks first.

How can I pay?

For immediate and life long change the #6WeekTransform program is an investment of $497. Simply click through and you’ll be taken to our platform partner LDI Consultancy’s PayPal page.

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