The purpose of the Basics is to support you to build clarity through knowledge on life, work, business and overall wellness areas. Knowledge is important to change – we don’t know, what we don’t know. As such the Basics are about creating knowing.

You can explore different topics through the blog to Build Clarity around what it really is that you want to change or grow in.

Once you’ve done some Basics you’ll be ready to progress to the Intermediate – Create Change level.

Warning: Create Change is exactly that, at emotional, subconscious and energetic levels.

An important note…the Basics may be all you need right now, and that’s okay. We often need time to take in information, allow it to absorb and assimilate, and become meaningful to our own world.

Here are the Basics…

These are blogs that I regularly write that provide information on different modalities, my experiences, and responses to questions members of the community are asking. A great way to broaden your body, mind and energy awareness.

As with the blogs, these videos are about building a greater body, mind and energy awareness. The videos are a great way for you to connect with me and get a sense of whether I’m the right person to work with you.

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