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I want to share with you some of the wonderful tools and tricks I use in my world to help me be the best and highest version of myself. Implementing these very simple things can also start to create wonderful shifts for your world.

In addition, the companies below have an amazing story or the individuals themselves are human beings that are creating mass positive change in the world! And I’m truly grateful to be able to share their story.

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Recommended books! Books I’ve read that have been and/or are still part of my journey.

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Buy your gratitude journal now

I love Ougies Gratitude Journal! First thing in the morning you give thanks and set actions for the day, and last thing at night you reflect on what you’ve done and learned and go to sleep with gratitude as your last thought! Starting and ending your day in this way is great for doing deeper level mindset change and having a more grateful life.

Thanks Ougies!


My journey with essential oils has been a slow and steady one. I often turn to essential oils when I, or family members, have “problems” “ailments”, and research like crazy. The oils I’ve used as staples in my adult life are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Through some health and wellness training, I was introduced to Young Living, and I love their oils and I love their purpose!

Thanks Young Living!

(Please note that I am an affiliate for these companies and their products, I love them and use them, and am grateful that I can have a relationship with them that allows mutual benefits).

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