Now that I’ve got your attention with what you thought might be some cursing, let’s talk about symbols. More specifically the use of symbols for healing and meditation is incredibly [...]

Transform and Release the Trauma

Last week on my Facebook page I shared with you that I’d had a very good coaching session/reading. And I say this, because of the things it unlocked/revealed to me. Now I don’t [...]

What is it? Episode 7: Meditation

There’s lots of different types of meditations and even more people and apps helping you to do them. But what are they for, how do they work, and how do you make meditation a practice that [...]

Meditation to improve your life

Meditation has been and is practiced in many countries by many cultures and is slowly becoming a “mainstream” with lots of the woo woo falling away as, I hate to say, science catches [...]

Body, Mind and SPIRIT!

Join the challenge! Today I’m starting sign ups for my new #30DayClarityChallenge. It’s really simple and it’s great for body, mind and spirit.  Click here to get your free [...]