What is it? Episode 6: Vibration Healing

vibration healing

Vibrational Medicine or Energy healing as it can be known has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. It has become increasingly popular recently in the western world and that is believed to be down to the fact that scientific instruments can be used to measure how and why this method of healing works.

Sound is vibration that causes resonance in our bodies and can influence our emotions. Sound moves in waves that flow through the entire body.  It is said that waves of powerful and soothing sonic energy, vibration and sound can heal toxic emotional energy.

Everything in the Universe is made up of microscopic particles that vibrate. Human organs vibrate at a natural, healthy rate and if a part of the body begins to vibrate out of this rate it creates dis-ease in throughout the human energy system.  The human body’s frequency is between 62-68 MHz, anything below this usually results in illness. This imbalance may be healed through projecting the correct frequencies back into the body. If we can keep the body frequency high enough and well oxygenated we can reduce the risk of illness and disease.  Disharmony in the body appears in the energy before it becomes an issue. Early detection of an imbalance can possibly prevent illness.

Chinese studies of human energy shows that we have lines of energy running through us called “Meridians” if these are flowing smoothly we are in good health but if energy is blocked or there is too much/too little in one area of the body we are likely to be suffering an illness.

Negative emotions cause frequency to decrease and positive emotions cause frequency to increase. It is believed that the higher the frequencies = the more life force = better health. Dolphins emit such a high frequency that people often experience healing while in the water with them. This has now been developed as a practiced therapy.

Vibrational medicine looks at the energy formation within and surrounding the body. Discrepancies in our frequencies can be treated by balancing them with flower and gem essences , sound, essential oils, radionics, acupuncture and crystals to name a few. Each individual method has a specific healing quality that will benefit a particular organ, system or emotion and can help the body return to its original frequency.

Since earliest times, drums have been used for their consciousness altering ability. Natural frequencies in the body respond to the same frequencies in the gong or drum during sound therapy. There is no fixed rhythm so the harmonies of a gong or drumming are not something the brain can follow which results in a daydream state. As the body relaxes it is at an ideal level of consciousness for healing to take place. It is said that this process allows your mind to wander and no longer get in the way allowing your body to heal at a deeper level. The gong helps to break up blockages within the body’s energy system whether they are emotional, spiritual or physiological. It resonates through all the cells of the body simultaneously in pursuit to raise the vibratory frequency and restoring a balance.

Just as food and water is nutrition for the physical body, sound and music is nutrition for the nervous system.

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