Dear shopaholic

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Hartman)

I walk past the window of the my favourite shoe shop…trying to keep my gaze straight ahead. But just like the last time I falter, I’m weak and I look and just inside the door is a collection of beautiful selection of summer sandals – cue angels singing!

I light up and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside that I get when I see shoes that I need to have on my feet and in my closet…you know that feeling.

I go in, pick up…touch and feel. This day was my most successful yet!

I put them down and walked away. Yes, I’m crazy I hear ya! But this has been the biggest show of change in my shoe buying addiction. I love shoes (my overflowing shoe closet even after a cull that I did when I moved from London to Brisbane!)

So what’s changed?

What shoes mean to me and why I needed to buy them. And here, I’m still not entirely sure, yeah they look pretty and an awesome pair of heels make my legs look great, but the emotional reason why I haven’t put my finger on. What I have learnt through my self and observational research of others is that when we excessively buy beyond what we ‘need’ it’s usually filling a void of a positive emotion that we are earning for, and that these purchases are temporary ‘fixes’.

I love my relationship with purchasing shoes and even clothes now, when I buy I don’t have guilt but at the same time I know and am capable of walking away. This has come about as a result of a lot of emotional level work which I’m so glad that I’ve done.

What I wish, is that I’d had the knowledge and skills I have now to have made this process so much faster and easier.

Which is why I’m so happy to be able to offer you this amazing gift to be happier without the need of shopping, and making that a more enjoyable and rewarding activity that has no guilt.

Get in touch now to book a free 15 minute chat to find out if your in a place where you’re ready for some change.

I want you to be your best!

Bhav xx

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